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Built on a R710 Dell server I setup as a ESXI host. 

DNS/Domain Controllers


 Along with a primary domain controller I have setup DNS lookup for all machines on the network. This is great for working on the network and being able to find all my machines addresses easily.

Group Policy Management


Things are ran more and more by group policy inside of enterprise environments. I have setup a domain complete with multiple group policy's for my "users" to adhere to. 

But what else can you do?

About me


 A professional problem-solver in System Administration and Quality Assurance. Computer skills including experience with VmWare, Active Directory, Powershell. Thrives on automating the day-to-day tasks and learning new technologies. 



Updates managed through a dedicated WSUS server to enable remote update management to all machines.

Austin Warren


 "Always willing to help out at the last minute with my projects  - trustworthy and reliable!" 

Recent Additions

Ubuntu VM to run for Pi-hole


This is to enable network wide ad blocking so that I can stop seeing invasive news site advertisements on guest computers and phones.

You can find out more about this opensource software below

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